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I Lost My Direction but Now I Remember Why I Am Here


I have been struggling for the last week or so because I was trying to adjust to my new work schedule while trying to keep this going.  It has been really hard for me to write anything because I felt that I was just complaining about my life and the misfortune of having bipolar disorder.  And to an extent that is exactly what I was doing but then in a FLASH it all came back to me.  That is what I was doing wrong.  I was making this blog about me when that was not my original intention at all.  I wanted to start this blog and eventually create a charitable organization around it because of one thing and one thing only.  I wanted to help other people by sharing the things that I have learned over the years to manage my health conditions.  I have learned so much over the years that has helped me tremendously (when I remember to keep up with them and don’t get lost in the mundane).


I had my own little epiphany

Starting this week I am going to start over again.  I have this new blog site so why not make everything fresh.  I’ll be posting about the topics that I love and the things that have helped me the most throughout the years.  I’ve studied so many different ways of helping myself and I have wanted to share the one’s that I feel are most important for a very long time now.  I had started writing a book about it a few years ago but, as I kept writing, I realized that a book was not really the right format for the topics that I loved and the target audience was not right either.  It came to me that I was really writing this for other people dealing with mental health issues right before I left to go to the treatment center, although these topics can really help  everyone.  Once I realized who I was really writing this for, the ideas started flowing again, just like with this blog.

I am very excited now that I figured out why  I was struggling for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve been glad to have a place to share my story but my story was not the most important thing that I had to share with others.  I will still share about what I am dealing with, as it seems pertinent to the conversation, but now I don’t feel the need to keep going on and on about my personal struggles, which is far more comfortable to me.  I won’t be able to post everyday because of my current schedule but, with what I am doing now, it isn’t necessary to do that anyway.

I hope you will join me and I will leave you with this (because I think the Dalai Lama is an amazing man):

dalai lama



Author: mschristopher13

I am the author of the Change Your World Practice at I am also a wife, mother and sister (I'm one of six children). My strongest desire is to help others live their best lives and I am hoping that by writing about the practices that help me be my best self that I can help others do the same.

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